Terms of Service

Join our talent pool!

Thank you for your interest in our search firm. If you agree with the terms listed below, you will be asked to enter or download your professional profile or resume which will then be included into our electronic database. We maintain an electronic database of talented candidates and rely heavily on this database as our firm takes on search assignments for various employers.

It is important for TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC to have current and accurate contact information in our database to be able to contact you as appropriate job opportunities are made known to our firm, so we encourage you to keep us updated on your email address, home address, work address or phone, and your home and cell phone numbers.

Please keep in mind that we take on new job search assignments frequently and rely on our talent database daily. Once a search project is initiated that re-introduces your profile to us, a member of our team will reach out to you. We cannot guarantee that an associate from our firm will contact you immediately upon joining the talent database, simply due to the large volume of individuals who wish to have their professional information in our database. Specific questions submitted online will be answered by a member of our team as soon as we are able.


The success of our business relies on trust. We at TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC commit to holding your information confidentially and securely. Your personal information will not be sold or distributed to any organizations for the purpose of marketing solicitations. Our business is search and direct placement, therefore we rely on our database of talented professionals who are interested in opportunities to further their careers and we hold your information with utmost security and confidentiality!

As a matter of our day to day operations we are subject to information that is considered to be confidential. We consider all transactions and business discussions that are conducted in the offices of TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC as confidential information.

Website Candidates Available Profile:

TDM & Associates LLC utilizes its website to market both job opportunities as well as candidates who have submitted their information to us for consideration as job opportunities arise. This website marketing tool, developed over 15 years ago for our firm, provides confidential exposure to hundreds of employers around the country. Once a prospective employer inquires about a website marketed candidate, one of our associates contacts the candidate and has a full discussion on the job opportunity. If the candidate agrees to further consideration, a resume is submitted to the prospective employer. All information on the candidate is held confidentially up to that point.

We reserve the right to select those candidates who will be confidentially displayed on our website.

Electronic Reference Checking Authorization:

I, the undersigned candidate, do hereby authorize TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC, to initiate a reference check on my educational and work history on me.

These above-mentioned reports may include, but are not limited to, information as to my character, general reputation, work habits, and personal characteristics, discerned through employment and education verifications; personal references; personal interviews; criminal and civil history/records; any other public record.

I further authorize any person, business entity or governmental agency who may have information relevant to the above to disclose the same to TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC, including, but not limited to any and all courts, public agencies, law enforcement agencies and credit bureaus, regardless of whether such person, business entity or governmental agency compiled the information itself or received it from other sources.

TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC supports Equal Opportunity Employment. We do not accept job orders that violate Federal and State employment laws.

Permission to contact you:

By agreeing, periodically we may send to you notices of job openings and various articles of interest or newsletters either through email or by direct mail. If for any reason you wish to not receive periodic updates from TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC, please respond in an email to: remove@tdm-assoc.com and indicate in the subject line “Remove contact information”. Your contact information will be moved to a secure location in our database which will prevent mass email or direct mail updates from being sent to you. However, your information will still be visible and available to TDM & ASSOCIATES LLC as job opportunities are presented and your qualifications appear to be a match.

By agreeing to the terms of service, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the process that TDM & Associates undertakes and agree to have my professional information entered into their database for future consideration as job opportunities arise.